Ethnic and racial inequality in Canada sociological examination

This is an assignment that focuses on the ethnic and racial inequality in Canada sociological examination. The paper aims to focus on the field of sociology and also engaging on a key issue.

Ethnic and racial inequality in Canada sociological examination

1500-word (maximum) research paper that provides a sociological examination of an area of ethnic and racial inequality in Canada. I have intentionally left this topic open so that students can focus on an area that interests them. The overall aim of the paper is to call upon the field of sociology. It is to engage in a systematic and objective examination of a key issue. This issue is relating to ethnic and racial inequality in Canada. In your essay, you will provide a sociological picture an area of ethnic and racial inequality in Canada along with an ethnographic sketch of the experience of individuals/groups affected.

Sociological questions

After providing a short overview of the area of inequality, students are expected to undertake a sociological analysis the topic. There are a number of sociological questions that students might use to guide their essay. What is the sociological context; also what are the relationships between inequality and society in this instance? What makes this an example of inequality? How is the inequality manifestation? How many people does it affect? Why does this inequality exist? Is there a specific sociological theory and related evidence that could be employed to shed light on the issues at play?

Sociologically speaking, your essay should attempt to answer a key question: why are the individuals or group subject to the inequality you have identified? Furthermore, you will take on the role of a public sociologist in your essay in order to develop some suggestions for a sociological action plan that addressing the area of ethnic and racial inequality. This plan may take many forms (e.g. academic questions, community or action based research, policy, theoretical work, recommendations). This portion of your paper provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate that sociology matters. Also,  that it is relevant and that it can be effective for addressing as well as understanding the relationship between inequality and society.

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