Evaluation of a building architect or firm and building content

This is a paper that focuses on the evaluation of a building architect or firm and building content. The paper also requires developing concept diagrams and also citing sources.

Evaluation of a building architect or firm and building content

The self-assigned topic covers a specific building within an architectural genealogy. You can pick the topic from the list of suggested case studies or one of your own choosing that fits within the theme and also timeframe provided. For your topic, please research and compose a 1000-word evaluation of the building to include an overview of the architect or firm, relationship to its built contemporaries, and building content.
This evaluation should include at least 3 images to illustrate its points, each with their own caption identifying the content and source of the image.

1. Architect or Firm: Firstly, description of the architect or firm to include history, type of works engaged, output evolution, etc.
2. Architectural Context: Secondly, description of the most apparent architectural relationships to other buildings contemporary to its time.
3. Building Content: Thirdly, description of the architectural aesthetics, elements, materiality, forms, and programmatic organizations of the building.


Firstly, identify three main concepts in your case study that inform the design and/or construction of the project.
Secondly, draw one or more diagrams illustrating each of these concepts. Viewed together, the diagrams should provide a clear understanding of the case study to supplement your written evaluation. Diagrams can be completely conceptual or based on orthographic/axonometric/perspective drawings. Each diagram must measure no fewer than 11 inches in any dimension. The following are suggested concepts for diagrams but are not mandatory:
a. Program
b. Tectonics/structure
c. Site/contextual
d. Sequence/progression

Please cite all sources using full footnote citations according to the Chicago Manual of Style and include a properly formatted bibliography. For reference, see:

Plagiarized work is not tolerated and also will result in an automatic zero on the assignment.
All references should be cited using Chicago Manual of Style.
You must use at least 3 books or peer-reviewed sources.
1 point will be deducted if report is significantly under or over 1000 words.

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