Examination of Parenting Styles

Family Dynamics and Structures Research Paper Guidelines 100 POINTS POSSIBLE The paper should be a minimum of 6 pages in length, typed and double-spaced. The content and organization of the paper should follow the structure listed. The editorial style should follow the criteria established by the American Psychological Association. Exceptions must be approved by the module instructor. The reference page will include a minimum of three (3) scholarly resources other than the course text for a total of four (4) scholarly resources. Clearly identify each section of the paper and respond to each request for information. The paper should include four sections, as follows: I. Introduction: Approximately one-half to one (½ – 1) page in length 1. Clear statement of purpose. 2. Discuss why this topic was selected for exploration. 3. Include what is to be explored and understood about this topic. 4. Explain why this topic is important and what questions are to be addressed. 5. What is hoped to learn about this topic? II. Topic History and Background: Approximately ½ to 1 page in length 1. Cleary present description of the topic history and background 2. Include significant factors, events, population, problems, etc. III. Scope of Topic: Approximately three to four (3 – 4) pages in length In this section, the learner will expand his or her understanding of the chosen topic. This section of the paper should reflect information beyond what is covered in the text. There are several reasons for reviewing scholarly resources. First, scholarly resources place the topic in broader context. Second, the resources can demonstrate the uniqueness of a particular topic. Third, scholarly resources can reveal difficulties that others have encountered in attempting to apply the topic in which the learner is interested. The learner will find strengths (contributions) and weaknesses (limitations) in the topic that is chosen. Finally, scholarly resources can provide new ideas and approaches to the topic being explored. Remember to: 1. Present, explore, develop, and explain topic 2. Develop ideas fully, clearly, logically, and specifically 3. Attempt to integrate specific theories when possible 2. Provide illustrative examples to specific points 2. Reference paraphrased information and/or direct quotes 3. Weave content in writers own words IV. Paper Conclusion: Approximately ½ to 1 page in length 1. Clearly reflect writer’s personal response to research findings 2. Provide personal examples and reasons to support statements. 3. Include a strong concluding integrating paragraph.

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