Explain the complicated relationships between Intimate Partner Violence and Lifetime Trauma

This paper should describe theinformation obtained through the readings, the student’s personal reaction to the lesson topics, and observations on the societal and system values.
All papers must follow the APA format (Review APA guidelines in Syllabusand Moodle).
The Reaction Papers will be based on a critique and reaction to the class readings and discussions. There will be questions provided for each reaction paper looking at your knowledge and perspectives of the class materials and chapter readings. At minimum the paper should have a titlepage, be at least (7) to (9), double-spaced pages with a one (1) inch margin all around and Times New Roman or Arial, 12-pt type-font. Pleasedo not create empty spaces in order to make the paper look longer than itis. You do not need to write the question with your answer. Just number your answers and that would be sufficient. The number of pages does not include the cover page or your reference page.

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