Explain the difference between our intelligence and personality

This is a paper that requires the student to explain the difference between our intelligence and personality. The paper also discusses the principles of learning theory.

Explain the difference between our intelligence and personality

The assessment on this module is made up of both coursework and an examination. There is one piece of coursework that you must submit that makes up 50% of your final mark for the module. The examination makes up the remaining 50% of the marks. To pass the Psychology and the Individual module, you need to achieve a final aggregate module mark of 40% or above.
Coursework component
The coursework component consists of one short assignment, no more than 1200 words in length. This should address one of the following essay questions:
1. Firstly, to what extent can our genes explain individual differences in our intelligence and/or personality?
2. Secondly, discuss how principles of learning theory can explain individual differences.
3. Thirdly, to what extent could measures of IQ be used as a predictor of academic and/or workplace success?

Formative assessment:
We will provide formative feedback on your essay plan. This must be an essay plan, and not a draft version of your essay. A plan outlines the topics that you will cover in your essay. In the first seminar of this module we will go through what goes into an essay plan, and you will be provided with a template for an essay plan for the formative assessment.
Your essay plan must be submitted into the appropriate Turnitin submission box available via
We will operate a rolling deadline for marking your essay plans. We are doing this so that, if you want to get started working on your coursework early, we can provide you with feedback as soon as possible.

Ensure that the paper follows the APA formatting guidelines all through in addition to referencing and citation. Also, ensure you include at least three references of the sources you use.

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