Explaining the supply chain mechanism of Shangrila ltd

This is a paper that focuses on the explaining the supply chain mechanism of Shangrila ltd. The paper also focuses on improving its performance in financial and non financial terms.

Explaining the supply chain mechanism of Shangrila ltd

Company Chosen: Shangrila (Pvt) ltd. – Pakistani Company

Assume that you have been hired as Management Accountant Specialist, to advise a business with respect improving its performance in terms of both (financial and non-financial terms).
Choose any company of your choice and preference (it has to be Pakistan based).
Understand the supply chain mechanism within that business. (it may relate to overall sector/industry, doesn’t have to be specific to the company).
Explain how the current supply chain is established based on your research work.
Use international best practices (like LEAN, Six Sigma, Just-In-Time) which have been  by Companies globally and suggest a model suitable to the company you have chosen.
Explain how this model will help in the company in both financial and non-financial terms (keeping in mind cost considerations. It will be unjust to suggest a model whose implementation cost overweighs the company’s position).

Explaining the supply chain mechanism of Shangrila ltd

Now, assume that the company you have chosen follows a traditional hierarchical system with no focus on responsibility center. Again, using International Best practice suggest a business model for your company (Note: it should compliment the company’s business).
The model suggested earlier (like LEAN) cannot work with traditional hierarchy, critically analyze this as well and then considering this factor as well, evaluate the below mentioned details.
Once you have identified and suggested a model, explain how this will help the organization (both financially and non-financially)
Explain why responsibility centres are important and identify some key responsibility centers within the company. Once you identify the Centres, explain to the management how this will help the company in terms of control, operating and financial performance.

Important Note:

For all the parts where you will be using Benchmarks as suitable alternative and then explaining how this will help the company. You have to support your suggestions/explanation with examples (i.e. as used by companies around the world).
Also, while explaining you are to replicate the model on the company keeping in mind its business profile.

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