Family counseling approach on therapeutic approaches

This is a paper that focuses on the family counseling approach on therapeutic approaches. The paper also has a second section to provide personal beliefs.

Family counseling approach on therapeutic approaches

PAPER INSTRUCTIONS During this course you will write two papers on therapeutic approaches appropriate for family counseling. Your paper will provide both a broad overview and personal integration. Choose an approach from column one below for assignment one. Also, for your second paper, choose an approach from column two below. PICK FROM Assignment Option 2 as this is the second paper Assignment #1 Options Object Relations Therapy Bowen’s Family System Therapy Contextual Therapy Symbolic-Experienctial Family Therapy Emotionally Focused Therapy Assignment #2 Options Structual Family Therapy MRI – Family Therapy Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Solution Focused Brief Therapy Part I:

Choose an approach from column one above for assignment one and also for your second paper, choose an approach from column two. Your paper will present a broad overview of the selected approach and should identify leading figures, historical and current issues related to the approach, development of the theory, concepts, and unique techniques related to your chosen approach. Please include headings for each of the areas covered in your paper in order to provide clarity and organization. You may use the course textbook as a primary reference. Part I of your paper requires a minimum of 4 full pages. Liberty University provides a helpful tutorial on finding appropriate sources for this assignment. Use the link below to watch this 5 minute video:

Part II:

This second section of your paper will provide your personal beliefs and opinions regarding the selected approach, including how your faith and family background might influence how you would integrate the use of this approach in a counseling context. Explain what aligns between your worldview and this theory and what does not. If your view is something other than Christian, discuss how your view might interact with your counseling approach. Consider what techniques, assumptions, and concepts unique to your approach might need to be in order to align with your worldview. Part II of the paper must be a minimum of 1 page. The entire paper (Parts I and II) will be a minimum of 5 pag‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍es.

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