Envirosell is a marketing research consulting firm that supports retailers by collecting consumers information to assist with store layout, design, and visual merchandising

The founder, Paco Underhill is an environmental psychologist and created what he calls, “the science of shopping”. His research attempts to answer what makes a customer shop at one store instead of another.

The layout of a store can make a significant difference to the success of a retailer.  Store design and layout should create value and have a positive effect on customer experience.

Go to the home page of Envirosell ( and read the attached link. You are required to reference information from it your reponse. 

Store Layout Science Will Help You Sell More

Select a Retailer With Which You are Familiar and provide answers to the following:

  1. How do you think your retailer has implemented three of the concepts from the article?

 Choose any three.

             Provide specific examples.

  1. What suggestions would you make as to how you think your retailer should implement one of these of   these concepts?

Be specific.

Concepts to use: The Decompression Zone, The Invariant Right, Customer flow, Structure Your Pathways, Give Them Space, Slow it Down, Where to Check Out

Please use Target as the retailer for the essay

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