field experience essay

 Length: At least 5-7 pages
f. Content: Analyze your field experience, your interviews, and your
reflections through the lenses of our course readings.
i. Begin by providing information about the context of your field
placement (see notes below).
ii. Include at least 3 different patterns or themes you observed in your
placement. Use evidence from your observations, interviews, and
course readings to illustrate and analyze each topic. (e.g., you might
have a section on student grouping, in which you connect your
observations of how students worked in groups, interview data from
your teacher about how they set up and use groups, and
connections between these observations and Oakes and Vygotsky
on the benefits/drawbacks of these types of groups)
iii. Reference at least 4 different course texts, including Oakes. Just as
we did in the Pedagogic Creed, be sure you are using specific
quotes/details from your readings, and that you are connecting at
least one reading to each theme/topic from your placement.
iv. Conclude with your overall thoughts and/or what you learned from
the experience.
g. Works Cited: Use a consistent format for in-text parenthetical citations, and
include a References/Works Cited page at the end of your paper.

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