Film Genre

Paragraph 1: Title of the film in italics, year it was distributed, and director. Summarize in your own words what happened in the film. This is just a one paragraph summary of the main plot, you do not need to go into specifics. I just want to hear how you saw the story overall.

Paragraph 2: Please tell me your overall thoughts and opinions on the film.

Paragraph 3: Give 2 to 3 specific examples of drama elements the Director used throughout the film. (This can be objects, costuming, set design, musical score, colors used, performance techniques, iconography, symbolism, etc. Show that you understand what makes a drama a drama and how the director chose these tools specifically to elicit emotion)

Paragraphs 4-8: Talk about the overall themes of the film, and what the director might be saying about society or the human condition through their storytelling techniques. (you might want to research this as well)

Paragraphs 9-10: Mention at least two filmmakers, artists, etc. that the director may have borrowed from or been inspired by. (It’s ok to do some research if it didn’t stick out to you)

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