Final Exam questions

ENG 102: Final Exam Questions

Take the time to answer your questions (one from each group below) to the best of your ability, citing specific examples from as many texts as are relevant. You must post your answers through the “Assignments” link on the Blackboard Course Menu by 11:59 pm, Tuesday, 10 August.


Choose one question to answer from the following:

  1. Identify three epic conventions (see Iliad notes) and demonstrate how each effects meaning in the Iliad, Odyssey, and at least two other texts. Use specific textual examples.

  1. Identify a specific passage of approximately 10-20 lines in one poem we read this semester. Take time to analyze it in terms of composition, content, and literary devices. In other words, by looking at these specific characteristics, what meaning do these lines imply?

  1. Considering Jacques Barzun’s “Of What Use the Classics Today,” consider how Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and two other texts we read fulfill Barzun’s “requirements” for the classic: Thickness, Adaptability, and Universality (votes).


Choose one question to answer from the following:

  1. In his essay “Of What Use the Classics Today,” Barzun refers to a project that compiled 5000 things anyone “cultured” person should know. Identify one important take away from three texts we read this semester. Use a specific textual example for each.

  1. Pick a specific scene or line from two different texts (poem, novel, short story, play, etc.) we have read this semester that have a clear connection. Provide a brief analysis of their connection.

  1. Discuss Hamlet’s mental condition in terms of textual evidence. Consider relationships, soliloquys, etc.

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