Final Paper

Part 1: Choose a Problem in Society (50 points):

  • From the list you’ve been given, select a law that has been passed at the state or federal level.
  • Explain what public problem the law is attempting to solve. Discuss the cause of the problem, where the problem is taking place, and who the problem is impacting. (15 points)
  • Include descriptive statistics that are relevant to illustrate the magnitude of the problem the law is trying to address. You must either include one chart or graph to help illustrate the problem, or include a discussion of a focusing event relevant to your problem. (15 points).
  • Explain what the intention of the law is. In other words, explain how the law is trying to solve the problem. Provide a detailed explanation that includes:

o   What the goal of the law is (5 points)

o   Who is responsible for carrying out the law (5 points)

o   One potential unintended consequence of the law (10 points)


Part 3: Create an Alternative Solution to the Problem (50 points):

  • Create your own law to address the problem you outlined in Part 1. (15 points)
  • What is the goal of your policy? (15 points)
  • Identify one potential unintended consequence and explain why it might happen as a result of your policy. In other words, what problem might your law actually cause? (20 points)

Part 4: Launching a Campaign for Your Policy (50 points):

  • Develop a plan to help gain social and political acceptance for the policy you have developed. You must identify one things you will do to earn social acceptance and one things you will do to gain political support. In other words, what can you do to get the public to be in favor or your law, and what could you do to get politicians to support your law?

o   You must discuss, in detail, each of the two activities you decide upon. For example, it is not enough to say you will “launch a social media campaign”. You must explain what social media tools you will use, what message you will create for social media, and explain why you believe that tactic will earn support. You must do this for each of the two activities you create.

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