To begin the Final Assessment, imagine you are a healthcare administrator responsible for familiarizing new employees with the organization’s strategic planning process. Your goal is to introduce new employees to the steps involved in the process and the roles of the participating stakeholders.

For your Final Assessment, select a healthcare organization with which you are familiar in order to create job aid you would give to a new employee explaining the organization’s strategic planning process. To provide a full picture of the organization you selected, research the following:

  • Mission,
  • Vision,
  • Goals and objectives,
  • Operations,
  • Finances,
  • Clinical Aspects,
  • Technology, and
  • Human Resources.

With this research in mind, create a 1-page job aid for a new employee that describes the strategic planning process for the organization you selected. Your job aid should address the following and include support from five to seven scholarly resources:

  • Describe the organization’s background including the critical goals that form the basis of your analysis of the organization. These goals can be related to operations, technology, finances, or the organization’s clinical aspects.
  • Explain the process of a SWOT analysis and how the results inform the development of a strategic plan.
  • Describe the strategy formulation process including the roles and responsibilities involved and explain why this process is effective.
  • Describe at least seven steps for implementation including the roles and responsibilities of those performing the steps.
  • Explain how a strategic plan will help the organization reach its critical goals and how the plan aligns with the organization’s mission, vision, and objectives.
  • Explain two examples that demonstrate why the strategic planning process is important and how it helps health care organizations achieve success.

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