Gaddis 4-7: Arcadia

As we outlined in class, this will be a two-hour timed essay that asks you to detail the methodological differences between historians and other types of scientists as outlined in Chapters 4-7 of John Lewis Gaddis’ The Landscape of History. You are to use Act One of Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia as a resource for illustrative examples.

Assume that your reader is already familiar with Arcadia but is unfamiliar with Gaddis. In this way, Arcadia serves as a common text through which you can illuminate key concepts in Gaddis.

Your job will be to craft a well-organized essay that clearly presents the different approaches Gaddis outlines in each of the four chapters (4-7). You will make use of specific examples found throughout Act One of Arcadia as a way to ground and illustrate the abstract concepts you’re describing.

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