Generation Music

Generation Music.
It is All the Same Thing If you are a teenager then you have heard that the music of today is trash and it will never compare to the music of the past. What makes our music so much worse? The songs are saying the exact same thing. What is the difference between music now and music then? As I listen to the music of the past, I notice that their way of presenting the music differs from music today. The way they used words were masks for what they were actually saying, but now artists say exactly what they mean.
In Rick James’s hit “Mary Jane”, for example, he is talking about his excessive use of Marijuana. A person who has no knowledge of Marijuana would not know what Rick James was referring to when he said Mary Jane. He calls Mary Jane a she as if it were a real woman. He uses personification to express his passion for weed. “I’m in love with Mary Jane. She’s my main thing. She makes me feel alright. She makes my heart sing… Takes me to paradise. ” His opening verse is all expressing his love for weed and how weed makes him feel.
Wiz Khalifa is a rapper known for his weed obsession. In his song “Up”, he Just comes right out and says that everything is better when you are high. He does not hide behind nicknames and descriptive words. Both songs agree that weed makes life better. Although both songs are equally bad influences, “Mary Jane” would be better entitled than “Up”. Betty Wright’s song “Slip and Do It” is all about taking another woman’s significant other. She says “Girl, don’t blame me for what I’m doin’. It’s your man; he won’t leave me alone!

And it feels so good when you slip and do it. ” She is practically saying that cheating is not bad, and that women whose men cheat on them are at fault. The message is completely wrong, but the song was a hit. Her vocals and beat distract from the real message of her song. If an artist of todays time made a song even close to Betty Wright’s song then it would be titled as trash. For example, Trey Songz’s “Cheat On You” has never been a hit. Although Trey Songz is a talented artist, his music will somehow never mount to the music of the past.
Trey Songz and Betty Wright messages are the same, but Betty Wright’s song was a hit. Songs with the same messages, but different time periods are looked at differently. One is titled as award worthy, but the other has never gotten the attention it deserves. Time has changed, but messages in music have remained the same. The contrast between music of different time periods is hard to find. Music of the past and music of the present both present the same messages. The music Generation Music By shidahbee

Generation Music

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