Genetic knowledge data analysis for SOCW assignment

This is a paper that focuses on the genetic knowledge data analysis for SOCW assignment. The paper also provides description on how to write the analysis paper.

Genetic knowledge data analysis for SOCW assignment

SOCW 3351 Data Analysis Report Assignment

Prior to starting working on this assignment, please follow these instructions.  We will also be discussing this in class and answering questions.
Firstly, review the Survey posted in Blackboard to familiarize yourself with the purpose of the study and the questions asked in the survey.
Secondly, open Question 1 Dataset and compare the variables in the SPSS dataset with the survey to understand what the variables are in SPSS in comparison with the survey.
Thirdly, read the Research Question 1 (for Question 1 Dataset) below and identify the possible independent variables that might answer the question in the SPSS Dataset.

Genetic Knowledge – The dependent variable for all questions is Genetic Knowledge (SPSS-Knowledge Score) which is measured by a 5-item test scored 0-5 with 5 being the highest score (most genetic knowledge). The 5 items are questions 115-119 in the survey.
·         Do the same for each dataset/research question.

Instructions for Data Analysis Paper
Step 1: Identify 5 different independent variables that might answer the research question presented and the appropriate statistical test for each. There might be more than one appropriate test, select just one per independent variable. Use the SPSS name for the variable on the table
Step 2: Select at least two statistical analyses to perform for each research question (a total of 6 analysis conducted).
Step 3: Write up a detailed paragraph for each statistical analysis (six total). Make sure to include the statistic, p-value, and discussion of what your results mean for each analysis that you perform. Use the links provided in Blackboard on how to write APA style results paragraph.
Step 4: Save the SPSS outputs for each analysis and submit with your work.  You should have 6 outputs.  Please label with your name and Question1a, Question1b, Question2a, etc.

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