GHANT CHAT of Order #1774831 Topic: Individual Project Resources And Budget

I have an issues with order
you were supposed to use Ms_project to work on the gannt chat..
my teacher is asking me to resubmit this assignment since it isn’t a Microsoft project file or Microsoft project wasn’t used. So please revise. below is teachers request
Assignments that state they will be prepared using Microsoft® Project must be prepared using Microsoft® Project. The following assignments must be prepared using Microsoft® Project:
Individual assignment Week 2 (Project Task List and Schedule)
Individual assignment Week 3 (Project Resources and Budget)
Individual assignment Week 4 (Agile Project Management Practices)
Team Project Week 3 (Project Schedule)
Team Project Week 4 (Project Costing)
This course requires that students demonstrate that they have learned how to use Microsoft® Project. There are no exceptions. The above assignments must be completed using Microsoft® Project. 
I am giving you the opportunity to redo the parts of week 2 and week 3 assignments that require you to use Microsoft® Project. 

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