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Please click to this video Ghetto Life 101
Listen. There is no actual video. It is where this archived by NPR.
Note: the person introducing the documentary says there are two. You are only required to list to Ghetto Life 101. It’s about 30 minutes long. There was a follow up called Remorse that follows, and I encourage you to listen to it. It too is very powerful. Remorse is not required, yet highly recommended. I also recommend this 2 minute video of the boys, now young men (way older now) accepting the Peabody Award they won for their powerful work: Also not required.
Then, answer these questions:
Ghetto Life
1.) List the following thinking about the radio documentaries:
Sights in the projects
Feelings in the project (on the body, e.g., cold)
Inner feelings of project dwellers (e.g., happy, sad)

2.) How do you think living in the Ida B?s affects a child?s self-concept?
How does it compare with how each of you grew up?

3.) What are you overall impressions of how this documentary makes you feel or makes you think about.

4.) What can be done to change places like the Ida B?s?
How can we offer hope to the children of the projects?

5.) What do each of you believe made LeAlan and Lloyd different?
Do you think they would have gone to college without their NPR pieces? Why?

6.) If each of you had to go spend 7 days and 7 nights in the Ida B?s:
What would you take with you?
What do you think the culture shock would be like?

7.) How, in your opinion, does race shape identity and inform relationships between self and other?

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