Global Sourcing and Team Building During and Post the COVID 19 Pandemic

Looking for a Doctoral dissertation that has all chapters, research questions, design, data, graphs, analysis etc. I also would like included a summary power point of about 15-17 slides that summarizes the entire dissertation. It should be original in content. All research and design must be qualitative in nature and based on coding analysis. Cite any data analysis software used. Please select a suitable research design and also method. Title should call out type of study. Will need 100+ references. An exploratory study may be suitable. I have chapters 1 and 2 already drafted, but may need some adjustmnets. That should give you an idea of the topic. The work needs to be absolutely authentic and original. Must be English US. Final deadline is September 30th and may be adjusted further.. Need draft and outline ready with chapters one and two by mid August. Ia los have a dissertation tempelate and guide that will need to be adhered to 100%.

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