Goal Motivation and Optimizing Performance, Discussion Post

For your discussion this week, choose one of the following options:

Option 1

After completing the week’s readings, complete the following for this discussion:

  • Describe how closely people’s goals are matched to their abilities.
  • Describe with examples people you know whose goals are way below their abilities and others whose goals exceed their abilities. Do not use real names in order to protect people’s identities.
  • Discuss how achievement valence may depend on a match between a person’s goal level and ability.
  • Describe how closely your goals match your abilities.

Cite professional information such as the textbook or scholarly evidence to support your statements, using current APA style.

Option 2

After completing this week’s readings and viewing the FMG video, Sports Psychology: Motivation, Anxiety, and Focus [Video], select a specific area of performance and complete the following:

  • Discuss the importance of optimum levels of arousal for peak performance in human behavior.
  • Whether in sports, academics, or another area of performance, describe the role that excessively high or excessively low levels of arousal have on performance.
  • Discuss some strategies for effectively managing arousal to improve your performance in a particular area.
  • Discuss the role of affective valence in arousal.

Cite your sources using Evidence and APA.

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