Goyeo Tech start-up company corporate plan analysis

This is a paper that focuses on the Goyeo Tech start-up company corporate plan analysis. The paper also provides a brief description of a case scenario.

Goyeo Tech start-up company corporate plan analysis

This case study is an imagined company and does not exist in real life. Please do not spend time ‘Googling’ the company as you will not find anything. We do not need lots of information about the company, we are intereste in your understanding of the theory.

Goyeo Tech is a start-up company based in London. They have developed wearable technology aimed at students. The technology automatically reminds them of class times and assignment deadlines. In the class it takes real time notes and sends a small electric shock to the wearer when they are not focusing on what they should be.
Goyeo was develop by two friends who met whilst at Coventry University London. Currently the product is produced in Arianna’s garage, as they are selling more of the product, they are beginning to see some production issues.

Luna thinks it is a good idea to start outsourcing the production of the product. She thinks this will give them access to new markets. Arianna is passionate about environmental protection and global poverty reduction. Additionally, she thinks outsourcing will contribute to green-house emissions through transport pollution and keep people in poverty.
Also, you are a trade consultant working in London, you have been given Goyeo as one of your projects and have been asked to create a ‘corporate plan’ for the company. The corporate plan has three objectives: outsourcing, exporting and logistics. It is then together by the overall vision and mission statements. Using insights from the module so far you need to write a 2500 word corporate plan using the structure attachment below.

Lastly, ensure that you include all the references that you are going to use in the assignment.

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