he Individualized Education Plan/Program (IEP)

The Individualized Education Plan/Program (IEP) will be discussed throughout the text. This legal document drives the instruction for students with special educational needs. It is valuable for you to understand the process a student will go through in order to have a developed IEP.

As a general educator and special educator you will have a vital role in this process. This assignment will take you through the basic steps from student referral to IEP development. Use the information provided by the web sites in this week’s module to assist with this assignment. Don’t hesitate to search out other sources.
You will submit your assignment here as an attachment. Make sure your document is submitted in the correct format. (Either doc or docx).   Please look over the example provided in the model ( IEP Assignment Example) for expectations of how to submit your work as well as all of the steps you will need to provide information over. Remember this is a 50 point assignment. The information provided as well as your effort must reflect your time and consideration given to this assignment to receive total points. 
Outline the evaluation process from pre-referral to the development of the IEP. What are your responsibilities as a team member?
  • The following demonstrates the process in which this assignment should be completed. You will work through all of the steps of the IEP process and explain them. Remember to include the responsibilities of the general education teacher, special education teacher, and administrators in this process.  The steps to be explained are:
    1. Pre-referral
    2. Referral
    3. Identification
    4. Eligibility
    5. Development of the IEP
    6. Implementation of the IEP
    7. Evaluation and reviews
    Example of how to submit assignment:
    1. Pre-referral– A child is referred to a pre-referral team because there is concern or they are worried with the child’s learning ability (academic or behavioral skills). This is done by the parent or the teacher or it could be anyone who has a concern about the child. During this time they will need to explain to the team what they are concerned about, what the child is or is not doing in the classroom or learning. The team will then document and discuss the concern. This team is made up of teachers and family mostly. During this stage they will continue to monitor the student’ s progress. They will make accommodations and modification to the general classroom to try to help with the challenges/difficulties or concerns of the student. They will….
    2. Referral– If the pre-referral interventions did not work with the student they go to the next step- Referral where they …

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