health issue

Purpose of paper project: For you to think critically about a complex, contemporary health issue and present multiple perspectives using principles and/or theories of bioethics and drawing on class materials. The whole paper is based on a specific case from a newspaper article from the past 12 months. This can be a legal case, a human interest story, a social issue, etc. There are countless cases in the news every week, so you should not have trouble finding one that interests you! You will be submitting a final paper topic form week 3.
General format of paper:
4-5 pages double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, APA citation style. Must include reference for newspaper article, and must cite 3+ other sources throughout to support claims (at least one of those needs to be a class source).
Page 1- Summary of case from newspaper article, presentation of central ethical issue, and important context (historical, political, legal, etc.)
Page 2- Present an argument about what is morally right in this case using moral principles and/or moral theories
Page 3- Present a different, opposing position using moral principles and/or moral theories (include a clear transition like, “On the other hand,” or “Other people may argue that…”)
Page 4- Reflect on your own position: what do you think is morally right, why do you think that way, has your thinking changed, etc.
Page 5 – References cited in APA style. Note, I do not expect the rest of the paper to be in APA, just in text citations and the reference list. You can use 1st person voice when giving your opinion.
GRADING SCALE / RUBRIC for Final Paper ~ 100 points possible
Clearly described and contextualized ethical issue related to health from the news from past year – 20
Two clear arguments presented and supported by class terms – 40
Clear discussion of student’s perspective – 20
Grammar/style/APA citations including 1+ class source/length – 20

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