Healthcare in perspective

Describe an aspect of our own culture from an etic (outsider) perspective in part 1 of the paper.

Describe an aspect of another culture from an emic (insider) perspective in part 2 of the paper.
Apply cultural relativism in order to examine misconceptions about culture that may occur due to ethnocentrism.
Keep the distinction between cutural relativism and moral relativism in mind as you write your paper.
Even if you do not personally agree with cutural practice, explain how the practice makes sense in its cultural context.
Avoid opinionated or judgemental language in your paper.
Analyze your chosen aspect in terms of how it developed as part of a social system within both your culture and another culture.
Analyze your chosen aspect in terms of its purpose as part of a social system both within your own culture and another culture.
I also uploaded a sample paper.

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