My assignment: Write a letter of introduction to the St. John’s High School community. This letter should include three influences that have helped create the person you are. (Consider your family, elementary school education, hobbies, interests, talents, travel, etc.) Be certain the letter fully develops and explains each of the three influences. Given these influences how do you see yourself making a contribution to the St. John’s community? In other words, given the gifts you have received, how will you use them at St. John’s? As a letter, this document should include a heading with your name, the date it was written, a salutation, and a signature. It should be 400 to 500 words long and double-spaced using 12-point font.

I need to get my letter proofread and edited. I know that there are places in my letter that don’t make sense, that is because I am not the best at putting my thinking into words. My main goal is to turn in a complete, well-worded homework assignment. Also, please check the FORMAT of the letter document. If it’s formatted incorrectly please tell me what I did wrong and fix that for me.
A quick reminder: this isn’t a real letter I have to send by mail, so not including my address is fine. Please read the notes I’ve written in parenthesis on the document, thank you.

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