How can physics help engineers?

The largest benefit any of the physical sciences gives to any individual is the ability to solve problems from an understanding of fundamentals. Engineers get a double benefit, since this basic tools you obtain from studying physics plays a substantial role in your future engineering classes and your ability to solve problems in both the classroom and real-world settings.
The perfect example is object integrity. As an engineer, you want to build a object that will not collapse or catch fire or have any negative consequences. If this is a building, you will need to understand how the forces generated by wind and gravity affect your designs. If this structure is a process tower at a refinery, you will need to understand how the heat is exchanged between your reaction chamber and the structure and how that will impact your designs. If the structure is a microchip, you need to understand how the circuit design will give rise to your desired results, whether it is increased processing or larger memory.

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