How digital marketing enhances the current marketing activities

This is a paper that focuses on how digital marketing enhances the current marketing activities. The paper also requires extracting of an article to use in the paper.

How digital marketing enhances the current marketing activities

2. Brief
This assessment requires you to look at digital marketing techniques within the context of total marketing and looks at how Digital Marketing can enhance current Marketing activities rather than simply replacing them for the company below (BURGER KING IN THE US). You are to complete a 2,500 word Integrated (online and offline) Marketing Plan for the company below which focusses on the practical implementation issues facing the organisation using course material and theory as a foundation to support and explain your particular proposals.

Use the extract from the article below as a starting point but note that your report should develop on the issues already mentioned in it by conducting further research, so that the content of your report is your own well thought-out analysis and justified opinion, rather than just repeating what is in the article. Explain in full any consequences and/or challenges relating to the issues found from both your further research and also in the following article extract which you can access in full at:

2.1. Background to the brief
You are a marketing consultant who has been appointed by the client company Burger King. They have you to review their marketing strategy to assess how well integrated their traditional and also digital media are. Also, to suggest with justification, potential improvements as a recommend by you. You should assume that you are undertaking this work to be submitted to the Board of Directors in the form of a written report. For this brief you must decide on which country to focus on for your report. You can refer to examples and research relating to different countries in tasks 1 and 2. Also, tasks 3-5 need to concentrate on the marketing strategy for your chosen country.

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