How human resources relates to managerial skills and functions

This is a paper that focuses on how human resources relates to managerial skills and functions. The paper also provides discussions on project future trends and further questions.

How human resources relates to managerial skills and functions

The introduction should provide sufficient background on yourself and why you selected this particular position and industry. The second paragraph should previews major points covered in your paper (ex. what is listed on the table of content.

How Human Resources Relates – Firstly, provide an overview of Managerial skills and detail the managerial functions. You can describe various managerial skills. (interpersonal, conceptual, technical, political, etc., first prior to how you would implement the strategic-management process detailing the following managerial functions: Planning Leading Staffing Controlling Organizing. (see Managerial Functions document for details).

Projected Future Trends – Secondly, describe within your position how you might implement various strategies to address future trends within the following STEEP categories:

Society, Technology, Economics, Ecology, and also Politics. While these may seem unconnected to your strategy, most major opportunities and threats come from the outside edge of these areas, as an innovative executive you need to spend more time thinking about these areas as future trends. (Note: The STEEP categories might be a good area for your two peer review sources are needed for your Annotated Bibliography).

Effective Customer Service Technology Management –

Thirdly, customer service is the crucial yet frequently overlooked asset of a company that is largely responsible for generating customer relationship management. Describe what practices and technologies you will utilize with your position.
Ethic, Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Note: There should be a paragraph for each to describe how you would address these issues in your position.

Personal Branding – Fourthly, describe how your personal branding reflects your professional reputation both within a business as well as on a personal level outside of a business. This is an excellent way to transition into the next topic of social media.

Social Media- Additionally, define how you will integrate social media within your position. (eMarketer is a good resource)

Managing Global Human Resources –

Lastly, what are some of the ways you expect “going international” how will affect HR activities in your business.
Website Summary – present an overview paragraph of why you selected these (4) websites over the others. Next detail what you personally found helpful.
Research Summary – Indicate what resources were in researching information for your paper.
Remember to utilize a mixture of creditable sources.

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