How seasonality impacts on your chosen company

This is a paper that focuses on how seasonality impacts on your chosen company. The paper also discusses on the problems facing the company.

How seasonality impacts on your chosen company

The Assessment Tasks with Guidance
Your task is to select a business / a company and then critically analyse and critically evaluate how Seasonality impacts on your chosen company. What problems has the business had to overcome or what opportunities has this presented?
The main focus of this project is not Seasonality itself. The focus of the project is how Seasonality has played its role in shaping the business and therefore the decisions that the managers / the company has had to make.
You should carry out the following:

Firstly, choose a business to analyse and select the country of operation – please choose a country in which you want to investigate its Seasonality. You can choose a local company in a specific country, for example, The Post Office Ltd in the UK or a global company in a specific country – for example, H&M in China.
Secondly, identify the Seasonality that affects the business (the issue). You must consider which specific area of Seasonality has impacted on your chosen company and the decisions that the business has had to make.

The impact could be a combination of strategic changes; organisational structure change; culture change; product change; price change; customer relationship change; operational change; change in investment strategy etc.
Some examples of the areas relating to Seasonality that you could consider are: Tourism / Holiday / vacation companies; Fresh produce; Fashion; Entertainment; Toy companies etc.

How seasonality impacts on your chosen company

With your identified issue you should propose one business question. This will become your title page.

For example: Why has the business changed xxx due to XX Seasonality? Or; How has the (specified) Seasonality issue impacted on the company’s ability to xxx? Or; How the change of xxx, that was required due to the (specified) Seasonality issue, helped the company to improve in a specified area (e.g. profit, brand image, customer relationship, or something else)?

Thirdly, identify and explain the relevant Seasonality issue which you are going to apply on your evaluation in task 5.
Fourthly, critically evaluate how this Seasonality issue (which you discussed in task 4) has impacted on your chosen business (Ensure you find the answer to your question).
Following your critical analysis/evaluation and also the insight and understanding you derived from it, you will need to make recommendations on what the business should do in future. Your recommendation should be justified with your evaluation.
Throughout your Report you must apply appropriate academic models and frameworks to assist in your critical analysis and also evaluation.
Your Report should be presented professionally with the aim of informing and guiding the Senior Executive Team of your chosen business.

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