How the company AirWare has provided a technological innovation that can improve the effectiveness of a business process.

1. Catchy and intriguing title that will get the reader enticed to start reading.
2. Well organized paper. Broken down into different sections, with appropriate headings. Don’t write in one long paragraph. Break down your thoughts into sections and elaborate on each.
3. The 4 components of IS: people, process, information, and technology. So, when examining anything that has to do with IS, make sure to check each of these areas, and see if there’s anything that should be accounted for.
4. Use great references to support your argument. In this context, “great” means reference who are stars in their fields. Avoid no-name websites. Go for academic journal articles. Some great journals are: Harvard business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, MIS Quarterly, etc.. Also, go for articles for which the author’s name is provided.
5. All citations should be APA compliant. Avoid long quotes, and rather opt for paraphrasing, with appropriate citation.
6. You are not required to include any figures or tables of data (i.e. you will not lose points), however, it’s always a good idea to provide such backup information. If you do provide these, make sure to label each appropriately, and make sure to explain each in the body of the text i.e. avoid just adding tables or figures without referring to them in the body of the text
7. The final project document should be between 9 and 11 pages (including cover page and reference page).  APA format must be strictly followed throughout the paper.  Please refer to the Sixth Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

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