HRM3014 workforce planning strategy development for an organization

This is a paper that focuses on the HRM3014 workforce planning strategy development for an organization. The paper also provides further question to answer the aspects of the topic.

HRM3014 workforce planning strategy development for an organization

Assignment 2
HRM3014 Short Answer Questions (answer any 4 questions only!)

1-    Firstly, the head of HR has asked you to prepare a workforce planning strategy that specifically addresses the challenges posed by Brexit in your organisation. Please outline some key challenges and potential solutions to overcome these challenges (Lecture 19)

2.     Secondly, assess the extent to which disability is a socially constructed phenomenon. What are reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010?  (Lecture 13 and 16)
3.     Thirdly, in your own words, define equality of opportunities and diversity management policies. Identify the differences and also similarities between the two models. (Lecture 17)
4.      Fourthly, why should an organisation be committing to workforce diversity and inclusivity? Should organisations evaluate such a commitment? Consider and examine. (Lecture 12)

5.   HR is determined to recruit ethnic minorities and women currently underrepresented in your organisation. Consequently, you have been asked to think about innovative ways to reach out to such groups. In your own words, explain to your line manager the pros and also cons of diversity recruitments campaigns. (Lecture 17)
6.   Additionally, explain why women remain underrepresented in senior leadership roles. What can organisations to promote women to such positions? (Lecture and Seminar 17)
7.    Also, as a HR practitioner, you are aware that diversity training can generate resistance to workforce diversity in some organisations. How would you negotiate that challenge? (Lecture 17)
8. Lastly, assess that an organisation can reduce resistance to diversity by the actions it takes and how it engages with its employees? (lecture 17)

HRM3014 workforce planning strategy development for an organization

Minimum word count per answer: 500
Maximum word count per answer: 600

However, the word count does not include references, which should be provided in a separate section at the end of each answer.

Finally, ensure that that you include all the references from the sources that you will use in the assignment paper.

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