HSE 340 Abraham Lincoln University Blastmaster Shipbuilding Company Paper

HSE 340 Abraham Lincoln University Blastmaster Shipbuilding Company Paper.

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Group project report Assume you are working as the plant safety officer in an engineering company, where a large number of machineries, equipment and materials are used. The site facility can produce several types of hazards such as mechanical electrical, chemical and noise hazards etc. As a Health, Safety and Environment key personnel you are entrusted to ensure absolute plant safety of employees’workers and is requested to prepare a report covering the following details: • Introduction of the company. • explain the Hazards related to:

a. Mechanical Hazards

b. Electrical Hazards

c. Chemical Hazards and

d. Noise Hazards •

Suggest control measures for all the above discussed hazards topic. • Conclusion. The whole group need to submit one report not more than 1500 words. Following the guidelines below.

1. The report should normally contain an introduction and conclusion sections with appropriate sections explaining the above details.

2. Use Microsoft Word for word processing

3. Page setup margins normal. Use A4 paper size settings and use 2.5cm margins all around, Leave the Gutter at 0 cm.
4. Body text is Arial 12 point, single-spaced with no paragraph spacing attached before or after. Text is left justified. Leave one blank line between paragraphs.
5. The pages should be numbered consecutively, starting from introduction page; however, the title page should not be numbered.

6. All symbols and abbreviations must be defined and used only when absolutely necessary.

HSE 340 Abraham Lincoln University Blastmaster Shipbuilding Company Paper

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