Human trafficking

The recorded presentation is a
culmination of your work on your selected topic plus additional information.
Students will use at least 7 professional references (5 can be the same as from
previous assignments and at least 2 must be new) and create a recorded
presentation lasting between 12- 15 min. Students will use Power point or Prezi
to create a voice-over slide presentation. Students are encouraged to use
music, graphics, animation, etc. to engage the audience. Video clips may not
exceed more than two minutes. The goal is to educate the class about this
topic. All students will view each presentation. See rubric below.


A.Define and explain the topic and
present current and relevant statistics and research to demonstrate why it’s


B.Describe the Culture, Gender, and
SES issues involved


C.Describe a few pertinent policies
relevant to this topic and explain how/why they’re relevant


D. Describe several
evidence-supported prevention and intervention programs addressing your topic
at several levels (micro, mezzo, macro)




Provide a ref. list in accurate APA
style with at least 7 professional refs



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