impact of mission on the strategic planning process

Article Review Assignment: Strategic Mission 

Locate an article on the impact of mission statements on the strategic planning process and conduct an article review using the template above. Format the article required review format (See below) Article Review Format and Instructions (questions must answered and     format followed. Article attached. Use at lead two additional scholarly references). Answer requirements/questions in the article format.


Required Article (attached):

Primary Artcle -Required

Pearce,John A.,,II. (1982). The Company Mission As a Strategic Tool: What Is a Company Mission? Formulating the Mission Components of the Mission Statement Company Goals: Survival, Growth, and Profitability Company Philosophy Company Self-concept Public Image The Claimant Approach to Company Responsibility Identifying Claimants Understanding Claims Reconciling Claims Coordinating Mission Components Conclusion . Sloan Management Review (Pre-1986), 23(3), 15.

Plus 2 additional resource/article


Article Review Format & Instructions*REQUIRED*

Article Review

Reference (Sample)

Martins, L., Eddleston, K.A., & Veiga, J. F., (2002). Moderators of the relationship between work-family

            conflict and career satisfaction. Academy of Management Journal, 45, 399-409.


The article should be summarized (using your own words) in two to three paragraphs and focusing on the author’s main points.  What interested you about this article?  Why is the topic of the article important or useful to you?

Critique  –

  • In 2-3 paragraphs, explain how this article impacted your understanding of the research topic Cite sources. 
  • How this article reinforce or contradict the reading and discussion you have been exposed to thus far on this topic?  Cite sources.  

Application In two to three paragraphs discuss how you will apply what you’ve learned from the article.  Do you believe the article will change the way you approach a situation, project, or discussion related to this topic at work?

APA Formatting ( 7th Edition for references & citations)

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