Impact of the New Deal on American Life

Create a presentation illustrating the full impact of the New Deal on American life. Your portrayal of the New Deal should be comprehensive and include the impact on ordinary people, the economy, the government (and people’s relationship with government), on art and culture.

For the content of the presentation you should:

  • Be sure to include a variety of media (photos, maps, diagrams, etc.).
  • Create approximately two paragraphs of speaker notes per slide. Be sure to discuss and reference concepts taken from the course reading material and relevant research.
  • Conclude your presentation with a final slide that includes a thesis statement and highlights the themes of your visual interpretation.
  • Include a formal references page after the concluding slide.


  • Use PowerPoint.
  • Submit 6 slides (not including title or reference pages)
  • Include a formal references page with 2-3 credible, academic, or professional references beyond the text or other course materials.
    • Refer to your citations in your speaker notes and slides.
    • Image sources must also be included and cited, and those sources must be included in the reference list.

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