Important mega-trends affecting the global airline industry

This is a paper that is a focusing on important mega-trends affecting the global airline industry. The paper also provides further questions to focus on while writing the paper assignment.

Important mega-trends affecting the global airline industry

Q1.   Using ‘emerging issues analyses’, discuss the most important mega-trends affecting the ‘global airline industry’ in both developed and emerging markets.
(25 Marks)

Q2.   ‘Since Ryanair’s emergence as an upstart challenger to Air Lingus-BA duopoly in the late 1980’s, it has been both a consumer champion and antagonist; a technological leader and laggard; an example of management discipline but also one of self-confidence. Between 2013 and 2018, it successfully designed and delivered a strategic turnaround enshrining its position as Europe’s largest, cheapest and most profitable airline. More recent events have illustrated vulnerabilities in its strategy.
(Ivey Publishing, 2019)

Critically evaluate the importance of organisational culture, CSR and also reputation management to the strategic performance of Ryanair.
(25 Marks)

Q3.   Using Barney’s VRIO framework, critically analyse Ryanair’s core competencies and weaknesses compared to other competitors.

Note:    You should use statistical evidence and also financial key performance indicators (KPI’s) to support your answer.
(25 Marks)

Q4.   Fourthly, critically evaluate the strategic recommendations that Ryanair should consider to maintain recent levels of shareholder growth.

Important mega-trends affecting the global airline industry

Note:    You should use the SAF strategic options framework (suitability, acceptability & feasibility) to narrow down to 2-3 optimal strategies for the immediate future.
For the timed assignment, please remember the following key points:
Create a normal word-document containing all questions which you will upload as normal.
Use 1.5 line spacing
There is no requirement for a table of contents, executive summary or list of references.  Answer the 4 questions only, making sure that you have a separate section and also sub-headings for each.   Always have a brief introduction and conclusion for each question.
Proof read your work
Use sub-headings in each question
Use paragraphs (not too short(2-3 lines make work seem fragmented), too long and also it’s less clear what points you are making: Ideally, paragraphs should be 5-10 lines max.
Reference/credit all sources throughout your responses as normal,
to avoid the risk of academic misconduct.

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