Improving protections of employees’ wages and entitlements

This is an assignment essay that focuses on the improving protections of employees’ wages and entitlements. The paper also provides an assessment criteria for the essay.

Improving protections of employees’ wages and entitlements

Case Study Essay
The Attorney-General’s Department is seeking submissions on “Improving protections of employees’ wages and entitlements”. Write a submission in response to the linked

Your submission must include analysis of research published in peer-reviewed journal articles and also scholarly books. This needs to be written in accordance to Australian Workplace and Regulations eg. Fairwork Act, Modern Awards etc.

Assessment Criteria
Firstly, identify the salient rights and obligations: Have the relevant issues been identified? Have the relevant issues been distinguished from other facts? Also, have the issues been properly analysed?
Secondly, critical Analysis: Demonstrated understanding of legal issues and principles involved; insight into key issues; demonstrated understanding of legal rationale underlying the advice given; demonstrating understanding of relevant commercial and other implications of decision; critical analysis and evaluation
Thirdly, demonstrated evidence of wide reading: Familiarity with relevant legislative, case law and/or commercial developments; attention to commentary beyond the familiar texts; ability to illuminate analysis with principles from other, non-legal contextual material, etc.
Fourthly, communication skills: Thoughts and ideas clearly and succinctly expressed; adherence to conventional standards of punctuation and spelling; themes and concepts treated cohesively, etc.
Lastly, citation and Word Length: Required citation technique used; all work fully sourced; prescribed word limit observed.

Additionally, ensure that your essay is 2000 words long excluding the cover page and the reference page. Also, ensure that you include all the references that you are to use in the essay. All the writing and submission should be in accordance to the APA format guidelines. Subsequently, ensure that you cite all your references in the essay as it is a requirement for marking.

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