Improving the customer experience MKTG 30673 assignment

This is a paper that focuses on improving the customer experience MKTG 30673 assignment. The paper also provides requirements to use for this paper.

Improving the customer experience MKTG 30673 assignment

MKTG 30673 – Improving the Customer Experience:

You will create a customer experience improvement plan. Additionally, you are a newly appointed marketer who has recently completed a module on improving the customer experience. You are invited by your line manager to make recommendations on how to improve the experience of the firm’s customers. You are interested to impress your marketing manager. Choose a firm that fits one of the 3 options below and develop a report to submit to the marketing manager. In developing the report you are to explore elements of the current customer experience relevant to the customers of your firm and to develop a plan for improving it. The report will also include a critical analysis of the concept of improving customer experience in the context of the type or firm selected from the options below:

The call centre experience of a firm (i.e. either a mobile network; telephony; bank; energy/utility; or public service firm).
Improve the service design or delivery of a company that implements ‘internet of things’ (IoT) in its service or robotics as a service (i.e. Samsung IoT, Alexa, or firms that offer self-serve checkouts such as stores or self service check-in services such as airlines)
Improve the value cocreation process of a company that bases its business model on customer collaboration or the sharing economy. (i.e. any C2C firm conducting business in the sectors of such as Apartment/House Renting and Couchsurfing, or Reselling and Trading, and , such as  Airbnb, vrbo, ebay, Craigslist, Shpock, car2go, uber)

Improving the customer experience MKTG 30673 assignment

However, you may choose ONE ONLY of the above 3 options. Please note that this assignment is based on available secondary data.

This assignment comprises a 2000-word individual report and represents 40% of the module mark. There are three sections:

Section One:

Introduce the reader of the report with a review of the current status of the customer experience of the firm’s clients. In this section you may identify a customer experience related challenge the firm is facing, or a problem that customers complain about, or the disadvantages of the current customer experience system in place. Also, remember your analysis will only be based on secondary sources. Or your personal observations/experience of a customer of the firm. Be clear about what the problem/challenge, in order to impress your boss. This section is rather small [recommended about 400 words], your analysis must be concrete and precise.

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