Increasing Profits is Not the Only Social Responsibility of Business

You are on the No side of the issue “Is Increasing Profits the Only Social Responsibility of Business?”. Write a 3 pages debate essay based on article “The New Capitalists “ by Joseph Hart.

No other source is needed except for the one is provided.

In the essay, make sure to summarize the following questions:

  • All of major the concepts in the article
  • Why it is an ethical issue?
  • Why is the issue important now?
  • Who are the stakeholders, and are there conflicting stakeholder interests?
  • What are the short term and long-term implications of the issue?
  • What would you recommend resolving the issue and why?
  • Why do you support your point of view? (yes or no)?
  • Cover all the points in article and other sources that are relevant

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