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Creative Portfolio

This assessment aims to explore and build your skill by practice in extending your production abilities to include professional presentation [aka marketing].  This will require that you consider the needs of the potential audiences you wish to engage with and practice in refining your sound and creative identity, appropriate promotional materials and contact media. It also allows students to consolidate or expand on work that has been produced throughout the course.

[50% of the unit marks]


Part 1

You are required to produce or reproduce a piece of your original music that best represents your own creative identity and sound. The piece should be your own composition and may be either a reproduction of a past piece or a completely new piece.  You may include additional music, sound or other creative products to enhance your work; the main production will inform the bulk of your mark. Creative projects beyond this description are welcomed but must be presented to and approved by your teacher.

Part 2

Build a creative portfolio, including marketing & engagement materials, your music and any other appropriate content, along with your online presence in social media or web platforms as appropriate to your professional role (e.g. personal website, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Behance, iTunes, IMDB, YouTube channel, and/or Facebook, etc) with the goal of improving your engagement with the widest possible audience as appropriate to your chosen artistic or professional field.  The idea is to create a professional “release” of your creative work and services paralleling the project in Assessment 1 but with you as the artist.

]Note please, this does not mean you need to have accounts in all these particular social platforms, just use those that are most appropriate as identified by your research and critical thinking about the potential audiences you are presenting yourself to. As discussed in class, this aspect of attempting to engage the potential audiences most likely to be appropriate to your growth in the artistic field you wish to persue is most relevant and important. ]

Create an Individual Report that describes & assesses your thinking, analysis with a holistic report of production and method regarding this portfolio and content.

[Refer the attached guide for detail & suggestions about this below].




Students are required to submit:

  • A mastered single/recording/video within online material  [Professional quality files required.]
  • A Marketing/Engagement Report
  • An Individual Project Report

Marketing/Engagment Report (500-1000 words) [+ additional material to support this)

Individual Report (1,000 to 2,000 words)   [see the guide attached below for help]

Your Individual report should include:

  • An outline of the role or roles you are using as the basis for this assessment
  • A description of your critical thinking and reasoning around the material you create for this assessment and the social media and/or websites or other promotional material you choose or make
  • A project overview [include what worked, what didn’t go so well, things you learnt during the progression of your work, did you meet all your targets in your planning.]
  • Any collaborations you made for the project
  • Strategies for improving your results in future projects
  • Sources of research and outlines of what you learnt from this and how you incorporated aspects of this into your material and sites [use citations in a bibliography in AIM Style for links and sources]

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