InfoSec Criminal Law and Torts

The wikis in this course serve as a course-wide group assignment. Each wiki will address elements of the items that we are learning in the week that it is presented. The expectation is that each student will provide a meaningful contribution to the wiki each week. This is a graded assignment and the grade will be determined by the quality and development of the wiki over the course of the week. At the end of the week, a single grade will be assigned and all students who substantially contributed to the development of the wiki will receive that grade. Any students who do not provide a substantive contribution to the wiki by the end of the week will receive a grade of 0 for the wiki assignment that week. Overall, these wikis will form 10% of the total grade for this course.
For the wiki, I have provided a structure to get you started in developing the content for the wiki. Please do not permit this to constrain you. I encourage you to extend the wiki beyond the structure provided as the function of the wiki is that, collectively, we are able to pull together a more comprehensive understanding of the topic than any of us could individually. Consequently, as your research, study, and reading takes you beyond the minimal structure that I have provide, please feel free to build onto this structure as needed

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