Interview a Purchasing and Supply Management Professional

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Report of an interview from a Purchasing and Supply Management Professional


After an interview with a purchase and supply associate at Toyota East Africa Limited, an authorized service provider and distributor of Yamaha, Hino, Toyota, and Suzuki brands in East Africa, Toyota East Africa is also the sole distributor in the East African region. He shed light on several details about the company. First, Toyota is a global automotive manufacturer based in Japan. The motor corporation is also headquartered in Aichi, Japan. During the interview, details such as the company’s mission, vision, goals, and objectives were discussed.

Line of work

The main line of business for Toyota is the manufacture of motor vehicles such as vans, saloon cars, and trucks that are high quality and have increased value and maintain a standard of durability and long-term resale value. Additionally, Toyota ventures into other fields like financing services, housing, biotechnology and marine, afforestation, and communication. The official stated that the company’s mission is to attract and maintain customer satisfaction through a fulfilling ownership experience and high-quality services and products.

Mission, Vision and Goals

Furthermore, he stated that the company’s vision is to be the most respected and most successful automobile company in the world and to spearhead the future of the motor vehicle industry. Moreover, the company aims to improve lives globally with the most secure and accountable transport system and vessels (TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, 2019). Toyota strives to surpass these expectations through its endless innovations and creativity, planet conservation, and commitment towards high value and high-quality products. All challenges will be countered by involving talented and passionate people who believe in a better solution for a better tomorrow.

He expounded on the goals further by saying that it is Toyota’s nature to work together and aim higher by challenging themselves to find better solutions. He said that the success and power of Toyota could be attributed to the talent and skills of its employees, team members, and the diversity of its business associates who come up with new ideas and solve preexisting problems. To ensure customer satisfaction, Toyota anticipates customer needs and strives to meet quality products and services (TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, 2019). In all these, the company considers the planet and works towards promoting a friendly ecosystem. Through the afforestation program, Toyota works to fight global warming (TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, 2019). In pursuit of quality, safety, and responsibility, Toyota continuously innovates to make safer, more reliable better cars to maintain the frontrunner position in the future of the automobile industry. Moreover, Toyota enriches people’s lives by providing jobs, contributing to society, and running development projects all over the world.

About the Professional

When asked about his profession, he mainly deals with the purchases of products and services and supplier relations. He ensures that suppliers follow the legal and company rules and keeps a good relationship between the company and its suppliers. Furthermore, he manages internal processes such as the addition of new suppliers and ensuring their compliance, and chairing the daily activities to aid the company in achieving its goals. He also ensures that the company policies are being implemented and adhered to by all employees to keep the supply chains ethical and sustainable. This keeps the company on track with the law and maintains its reputation. To ensure the sale of quality products, he needs to be aware of the products leaving the company warehouses and the materials. Since Toyota is a global company, operations and logistics play an essential role in the supply chain (Mason, 2019). The professional needs to manage the transport system to ensure efficiency. He also needs to process, structure, and execute the transactions between supplier and customer fluidly.

The purchase and supply associate has a master’s degree in logistics and supply chain management from the CASS business school in London. At Toyota, he has had an incredible work experience since the environment is friendly and motivates innovation. The teamwork within the company is sublime, which allows him to achieve and overcome milestone upon milestone. The main challenge that he faces is keeping up with the company’s goals as it requires a very innovative and sharp mind. So far, he has achieved many awards in the company, such as the best salesman of the year and the best team leader of the year in 2018. When asked about his feelings towards the job, he said that he is very fulfilled, would not be any happier, and would like to keep helping Toyota achieve its goals.

Operational and strategic objectives.

      Due to its numerous principles and philosophies on making the best from the least, Toyota has emerged to be the best corporation in the world. The associate revealed that Toyota was ranked the best company in the auto industry for its efforts in lean production, removal of waste, and its need for progressive advancement. Toyota improved its production systems in the late 1950s, leading to the development of the Toyota Production System (TPS). By 1959, Toyota had produced its first car and was already supplying its products overseas. A contribution to Toyota’s success was from its activities to provide its consumers with the commodities they require and offer them at their convenient areas. This strategy has helped Toyota build beneficial friendships with its common suppliers and helped the firm accomplish its dedication to common labor. In addition, Toyota has a worldwide system of design and ‘development and research institutions, thus upholding the three giant car markets of North America, Europe, and Japan. Toyota ensures that it creates a close relationship with people and firms and strives for mutual prosperity from the local community. It also contributes globally to various sponsorship programs such as cultural and educational activities, research, and international exchange. Toyota has also managed to stay at the top of its competitors through its immediate product development process. The associate further explained how, Toyota takes on average, a year or less to design new products, compared to its competitors who take more than two years.

      The associate explained that another aspect that has aided Toyota in its supply department is its extensive use of technology. The company focuses on product development based on a single product-information-management procedure that entails standardizing and incorporating all these aspects. The company also has highly coordinated logistic systems and has excellent inventory management. In addition, the company has its production activities always on schedule. These aspects improve the supply and delivery of the company, thus making it ahead of its competitors. Toyota views its suppliers as strategic partners and as part of the firm. It holds them essential, and that has contributed to the firm’s colossal success. In its early operational days, Toyota started as a small organization and did not have much to offer its suppliers (“An Analysis of Toyota’s Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Management –,” 2017). The firm had inadequate resources, equipment, and capital needed to design the necessary components for making a car. It thus provided less to its suppliers, but the suppliers took it as an opportunity to grow the industry together for mutual long-term benefit. To date, Toyota has the most capable team of suppliers. Principles developed to guide this relationship include; fair competition, which is based on an open-door policy, mutual benefit based on confidence and trust, and local economic improvement by localization and excellence governance.

Alignment of the objectives with the organization’s missions and goals

      In line with the above objectives, the association agreed that the organizational goals and mission are met. One of the firm’s objectives was to be the best automobile company globally, and this is being realized through its supply and purchasing department. According to the associate, supply held a vital role in the firm’s thriving in the market. Therefore, the firm had invested heavily in suppliers compared to its competitors to emerge triumphantly, and their efforts were bearing fruits. It was also the firm’s objective to generate new solutions for any emerging issues, and this is retaliated by how the firm implores. The firm also intended to build quality vehicles, and this has been achieved, as seen from the report above, concerning the supply and purchasing department.


      The Toyota company was an excellent choice to draw my study from. The associate purchase and supply associate professional interview gave me more insight into the firm, its objectives, missions, goals, and the steps the company takes to ensure it thrives and succeeds in the competitive automobile industry.


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