Introduction to Constructive Action Plan

Introduction Essay Paper should include the following information.  All resources are  attached to this order.

Paraphrase/summarize the statement of purpose

Discuss the theories about the nature/power of groups.
Discuss and provide examples of informal and formal groups
Conclude introduction with answering
What do I plan to learn about groups during this semester?
Answer  (rewrite) with something of the following:
Groups were cancelled more than a year at the residence where adults with severe mental illness live in  due to the pandemic and the Program Director wants esidential Counselor’sR to start conducting groups again.  They are to come up with the topic of the group they want facilitate. During the process of putting a group together, I hope to learn the challenges that come with creating and maintaining a group and solutions to minimize the challenges.
Sources that need to be cited.
**Toseland, R. & Rivas.R. (2005) Group Work Practice. Boston: Allyn & Bacon
**Brandler, S. & Roman, C (1997) Group Work:  Skills and Strategies for Effective Interventions. The Haworth Press
**Forsyth, D. R., Group Dynamics (1999) Wadsworth

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