Introduction to Integrating Quotations


Using one or more readings from your class text, select five brief segments to quote with proper lead-in phrases and in-text citations that demonstrate the following five types of quotes. (See learning module for samples.) **Include a Works Cited listing for your source if it is not from your class text or if it is an online source.

1. A full-sentence quote with author’s name in lead-in phrase.

2. A short segment of a quote which is “embedded” into your own sentence.

3. A quote using brackets in one or more areas.

4. A quote using ellipses in one or more areas.

5. A block quote of more than four lines of text. Make sure to include a lead-in phrase in order to show the proper indentation for the block quote. Make sure to punctuate the block quote correctly. (See module for example–different rules for block quotes.)

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