(APA Format)
Papers should be typed in times new roman font size 12, double- spaced with correct spelling and sentence structure.
Minimum length is four pages (not including reference page or title page).
Format (20pts)
Have a cover sheet
•Title of paper
•Your name
Contents of Paper (60pts)
Include an abstract
▪Brief summary of your research paper (what will be discussed in the paper)
The body of the paper should cover all the material pertinent to your topic
▪Function, anatomical location of organ and congenital variants
▪Ultrasound in the imaging process of organ (are we the Gold Standard)
▪Correlative imaging where applicable (other modalities and if it’s the Gold    Standard)
▪Description of appearance on ultrasound (ex. Homogenous with low level echoes)
▪Drawings, illustrations, or sonograms
▪Conclusion, what did you gather from your research (give me your opinion on the subject matter in your conclusion)
In text citations and References (20pts)
Read at least five current articles/ books on the topic and reference these articles. When you copy verbatim (also use quotation marks) or when you paraphrase an idea, number these and list them separately with in the body of your paper. Include any other source (internet, books, notes, handouts) from which you have obtained

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