Investment analysis report

Report template about investment XXX for company ABC

Highlights ( 10% writing)

-Improving Capital structure /Growth Prospects :

– Declining Supply and Variable Demand

– XXX overvalued

– Ethic and Environment

Business Description (  11% writing )

Industry Overview and Competitive positioning (14%of writing)

Valuation (28% of writing )



– Relative Valution – PE

– Other Analysts

– Comparable Companies

– Risk to final Recommendation

Financial Analysis ( 15% of writing )

– Earning /income statement


– Balance Sheet& Financing

Investment Risk  (16% of writing )

– Debt Levels and Future Borrowings

– Input Material Shortage

– Fixed Capital Resources and Uncertain Demand/Supply

– Strict Regulatory Efforts

Ethic ( 5% writing )

Culture (1% writing )

 Note please read – above is report full  template will be look like, once you bid the job I will message you with actual detail , if both of us agree with everything then there will be an agreement . Detail of assessment will upload as an attachment once we agree. All figure like chart /Appendix will be offer to you means you don’t need calculate anything but only analysis base on actual data  .( wroten full example will offer )


Requirement about writer

– efficient and quality communicator

– a full draft need to be upload on 13th of August no matter which stage you are

– Passionate, reliable writer  and willing to meet the deadline on time with good quality

– minimal three times of rework /amend according to my feedback and need

– reference no old than year 2016 with APA 7th style need to provide along with writing



What I can do to support

– Full wroten example but different investment and company

– provide information ( including notes and sources in requirement ) and feedback to support your writing quickly

– answer your questions if you have any


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