Is the efficient market hypothesis performative assignment

This is a paper that focuses on Is the efficient market hypothesis performative? The paper also discusses the relation to sociological perspectives and wider beliefs in marketing.

Is the efficient market hypothesis performative

Each answer should be maximum 1,000 words (+10%) excluding your references and any charts or figures. There should be no other textual content, e.g. no appendices. You are encouraged to refer to relevant books you have read or reviewed, such as novels and ethnographies, as well as reports, such as those from the Social Mobility Commission, and relevant newspaper articles, e.g. from the Financial Times. Also, you should also refer to relevant chapters from The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Finance (2012) and academic articles. You may refer to the same source, such as a particular book or article, in both of your answers.

These are the instructions to follow in submission of the assignment

A4 pages, 1” margins, double spaced throughout, font Times New Roman 12 point, page nos from first page
Appropriate style: academic and consistent; 1st person but not dominating; 3rd person but not awkward; not overly rhetorical; coherent paragraphs of sensible length
Proof read for typos, spelling, and coherence
In text citations: author/date; direct quotes where appropriate with page nos; clarity where citations are from, e.g. secondary sources; no superfluous references; sufficient references to support arguments
List of references: alphabetical order by author surname; clear and consistent, e.g. italic book titles and journal titles, url for online sources. Economical with detail for word count.

Below are 2 Questions to answer in the assignment paper:

1.      Firstly, is the efficient market hypothesis performative? Discuss in relation to sociological perspectives and wider beliefs in the efficient market hypothesis.

2.      Secondly, how credible are the predictions of positive social change resulting from Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and the technology of blockchain? Discuss with reference to the role of finance in society.

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