Journal entry

its like 2 journal entries so one will be for one and half page that means 3 pages no word limit just one and half page for one journal entry.

The length of each journal entry will vary, depending on if you have a lot or a little to say about
the topic. As a general guideline, you should have a minimum of one journal entry per page (using single
space and 11 point font). The maximum length for a single journal entry is one and a half pages. By the
end of the class, you will have a total of six entries in your journal (three in the first half of the course,
three in the second). In order to earn full marks for a journal entry, you must not only answer the
question(s) posed but also show evidence that you have put some thought into your answer. Also, a
journal-style project is largely based on personal experience.

Journal Entry #5 – Business Organizations

You’re a lawyer and you have a client come to you for advice. Your client wants to start a business, possibly with another person. Your client’s business idea is to open a store specializing in the sale of fine Scotch whiskies. The business would import the best Scotch from Scotland and they would serve it to customers in a pub-like setting. They would also serve a limited menu of food. What is the best business organization for your client if she/he was to start this on her/his own? Would your advice change if your client went into business with another person? Identify and explain the best business organization(s) and provide an argument why your selected business organization is the best model. Be sure to explain the positive and negatives associated with the business organization.

Journal Entry #6 – Intellectual Property

As part of your Scotch importation business (in Journal Entry #5), you have a business name, logo, and slogan. Your business name is “The Dram Scotch Tasting Room” and your logo is a an artistic representation of a photograph that you took of a Scottish valley on a recent business trip (you can assume that you paid the artist for her work so it belongs to you). Your slogan is “Enjoy a taste of Scotland” (look, I’m a law instructor, not a marketing genius!). For these three business assets, what intellectual property will help you protect them? Be sure to explain what type of intellectual property applies to each of your business assets and how that intellectual property will protect your interests.

so i send you the instructions by me professor and then number 5 and 6 of journal entries that you have to write and in this you have to use your personal experience too and 2 references for each journal entry

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