Key procedures tasks and issues to start and run a business

This is a paper that focuses on the key procedures tasks and issues to start and run a business. The paper also provides a structure of three section having procedures for writing.

Key procedures tasks and issues to start and run a business

Assignment  Individual report
Working individually, you need to identify and critically reflect on the key procedures, tasks and also issues for starting up and running a business
– Procedures: Legal/regulatory/official things essential for starting/running a business
– Tasks : Not legally required but should be considered in doing business (e.g. market research, production, accounting etc.)
– Issues: Current and also on-going factors that affect the environment and context of starting and running a business
Subsequently, present your assignment in the form of a report (minimum 1500 (±10%) words).

1. SECTION 1 – Procedures 30%
2. SECTION 2 – Tasks 30%
3. SECTION 3 – Issues plus any additional info on tasks and also procedures to enhance your work 40%
Suggested content:
• SECTION 1 – Procedures (legally-binding)
Firstly, legal structures, health & safety regulations, Intellectual Property Rights, Taxation Regulations (Corporate tax, VAT, Social insurance contributions, income tax), Minimum wage etc.
• SECTION 2 – Tasks (Essential tasks for running the business)
Secondly, analysis of Business Environment, Competitive Strategy, Marketing Plan, Organisation Plan, Operations Plan, Financial Planning and Financing, CSR, Networking, Entrepreneurship & Innovation
• SECTION 3 – Issues (issues in the surrounding environment)
Thirdly, global issues (e.g. Globalisation, Global/regional recession, oil prices, major disasters, terrorism); Local issues (e.g. Cyprus problem, small market, economic conditions etc.)

Key procedures tasks and issues to start and run a business

Section 1 – Procedures
Content of Section 1:
Firstly, legal structures: Sole Trader, Partnership, LTD, PLC, Franchise, etc.
Secondly, advantages vs. Disadvantages of each structure
Thirdly, requirements for registering under each structure
Lastly, other set-up procedures
(Social Enterprise: No specific legislation?)
– Useful Links:

Section 1 – Procedures
Content of Section 1:
• Health and also safety regulations
• Occupational Health and also Safety:
– e.g. workplace hazards, H&S considerations in different industries (e.g. construction, agriculture, manufacturing etc.), H&S officers, representatives and committees; duties and also responsibilities; workplace conditions
• Useful Links:

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