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Looks like we have some issues to address (see below). Let me know how you plan to deal with them. I suggest you put a plan together and share it with your staff and me. Please set up a time for next week to present it.

Thanks, Grant

SVP Operations Atha Corporation

From: Havish, Molly <Molly@Atha.com>
Sent: Wednesday, February 12, 10:23:53 AM
To: Grant Stiller <Grants@Atha.com>
Subject: RE: HR concerns about retention and hiring

Hi Grant,

I just wanted to follow up with you on a couple of things that concern one of your departments.

First, as you probably know we lost two of our personnel to other companies. The exit interviews were consistent and revealing. Each mentioned that the lack of acknowledgement of their contributions in the wake of the ramp up and sizeable workloads associated with the goal of doubling sales a few months ago was a factor. They also said the compensation was no longer appropriate for what they were doing and was not competitive with outside opportunities.

Second, our offers to the two candidates identified by your manager as desirable hires were not accepted. One made a counter offer for a 20% higher salary and the other is concerned about benefits – mostly leave (she said that only one week off in the first year was “a challenge.” I’m not sure the compensation we are offering for the increased workload is attractive.

Molly Havish
SVP Human Resources

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